Micaela Rodriguez

Infrastructure week is back again
CQ Budget, ep. 142

House Democrats are making another attempt to pass a big infrastructure package, and both parties say they want one. But they’ve been saying that for years now and there’s been no real progress. So what’s this latest effort about? Jessica Wehrman, transportation and infrastructure reporter for CQ Roll Call joins the podcast to explain what’s going on. ...
Bitcoin Intermediaries
Fintech Beat, ep. 37

The most wonderful time of the year: budget forecast release week
CQ Budget, ep. 141

The House has returned from recess and the impeachment trial continues on, but that's not what has David Lerman and Jenn Shutt excited — they're pumped up for the Congressional Budget Office to release its annual budget forecast. Listen to their predictions. Plus, earmarks could make a comeback. Jenn explains what's going on. ...
What's in an impeachment trial?
CQ on Congress, ep 183

Historic impeachment trial begins. Now what?
CQ on Congress, Ep. 182

The Year in Fintech
Fintech Beat podcast, Ep. 33

Curbing unexpected medical bills has bipartisan backing in Congress
CQ on Congress, Ep. 179

Many Americans have been to the hospital in an emergency, or for a procedure, only to get a huge bill after because a doctor treating them doesn’t take their insurance. Republicans and Democrats have reached agreement on legislation to ban so-called surprise billing. CQ Roll Call reporter Mary Ellen McIntire joins the podcast to explain the likely outcome of this bill. Claire McAndrew, Director of Campaigns and Partnerships at FamiliesUSA, which advocates for health care consumers, also joins the show.

The transfer agent: A deep-dive into how blockchain technology can help capital markets
Fintech Beat, Ep. 31

Fintech Beat speaks with innovator Jeffrey Bandman who served as the architect of LabCFTC. We take a deep dive to explore blockchain technology and how it can be applied to capital markets, and the infrastructure supporting digital securities. ...
Curing the Small Business Recession
Fintech Beat podcast, Ep. 30

The outlook for a year-end tax bill
CQ Budget Podcast, Ep. 135

New witnesses emerge after first week of public impeachment hearings
CQ on Congress, Ep. 175

House Democrats made the case for impeachment public this week. Three witnesses, Foreign Service officers in charge of U.S. relations with Ukraine, confirmed that President Trump pressured that country to investigate his political rival, Joe Biden. Republicans pushed back to discredit the testimony as ...