DSCC Updates Digital Ad Attacking GOP Health Care Plan

YouTube ad will reach targeted voters in key 2018 states

The DSCC, chaired by Maryland Sen. Chris Van Hollen, above, is launching new digital advertising against the GOP health care plan. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call file photo)

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee on Monday is launching updated digital advertising against GOP efforts to repeal and replace the 2010 health care law.

The DSCC is timing this latest advertising, shared first with Roll Call, to the rough one-year anniversary of when the GOP-controlled Congress started trying to repeal the 2010 health care law during the spring of 2017.

The new six-second non-skippable YouTube bumper ad shows a mock bill for “pregnancy care,” which is marked in red as a pre-existing condition. The total charges on the bill tick upward as the narrator asks, “What has the Republican health care plan cost you?”

The ad directs viewers to a website called FightTrumpCare.com. It’s part of an on-going six-figure buy and will reach targeted voters in Indiana, Missouri, Minnesota, Nevada, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

The latest ad is an update to a similar six-second non-skippable YouTube ad the DSCC released last spring that asked, “What will the Republican health care plan cost you?”

“You will see a constant reminder that the Republican attack on the heath care system is resulting in rising costs for the American public,” DSCC Chairman Chris Van Hollen said Monday. “This is one of those kitchen table issues that every family is dealing with,” he added.

“We know the public doesn’t like what they’re doing because we saw the public rally in a big way,” Van Hollen said, alluding to efforts from grassroots and medical professional organizations to oppose Republican legislation last year.

The DSCC’s messaging against GOP health care efforts comes as Democrats have also been trying to keep Republicans on defense about their tax plan.

“Both, frankly, are examples of how Republicans are all in support of very powerful special interests and the very wealthy at the expense of families across the country,” Van Hollen said.

He pointed to Democratic victories in special elections in Alabama and Pennsylvania’s 18th District to argue that voters are concerned about rising health care costs and are holding Republicans accountable.

Democrats have come under fire — partially from within their own ranks — for running as an opposition party, against Trump and the GOP Congress, and not campaigning on their own agenda.

Van Hollen said Democrats have put forth their own health care proposals and that voters will be hearing more about them from individual campaigns.

“Our candidates are out there talking about these issues every day,” he said.

“This ad is a reminder of what the public already understands, which is that the Republican efforts to undermine the health insurance system is already having a negative impact on their pocketbooks,” Van Hollen added.

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