GOP Senators Want Kerry to Suspend Clinton's Security Clearance
Speaker Ryan takes similar step in the House over email issue

Sen. Marco Rubio's letter says Secretary of State John Kerry's responsibilities "include maintaining the integrity of the department and ensuring that classified materials are preserved to prevent unauthorized access." (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call file photo)

Hillary Clinton and her aides should have their security clearances suspended, Marco Rubio and nine other Republican senators said in a letter Thursday to Secretary of State John Kerry.  

The letter comes after FBI Director James B. Comey said Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee for president, and her deputies while she was secretary of state were "extremely careless in their handling of sensitive, highly classified information."  

FBI Director: Clinton ‘Extremely Careless,’ But No Criminal Charges Recommended

FBI Director James B. Comey announced Tuesday that the agency is not recommending charges against Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email server during her time as Secretary of State.

“Although there is evidence of potential violation of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information, our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case,” Comey said.