Orlando shooting

Orlando Shooting Victim Pushes Lawmakers to Act
Angel Colon is asking Congress to address gun violence

From left: Sen. Bob Casey, Colon's mother Mirta Rodriguez, Brady Campaign president Dan Gross, and Orlando shooting victim Angel Colon. (Bridget Bowman/CQ Roll Call)

Angel Colon rose from his chair, grabbing his crutch, and walked slowly towards the podium in a small room in the Capitol.

Colon is struggling to walk again after he was shot multiple times in both of his legs when a gunman opened fire at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Fla., in June.

So What’s Going On In Congress With Gun Control?

Twerking Outside the Capitol for Orlando

To honor the Pulse nightclub shooting victims, activists gathered outside the Capitol to create a nightclub of their own.

No Summer of Love With Republicans in Obama's Final Year
Long shot agenda at risk as bad blood boils anew

House Speaker Paul D. Ryan greets President Barack Obama after remarks at a March event. Don't expect many more Obama-on-Republican hugs as his presidency winds down, however. (Al Drago/CQ Roll Call file photo)

The White House is hitting congressional Republicans with ever-sharper rhetorical blows as years of ill will and election-year posturing threaten to kill what was already shaping up to be a slim legislative agenda.  

As the extended congressional summer break approaches, both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue are echoing with insults, catty tweets and fiery accusations.  

Democrats Vow to Keep Up the Fight on Gun Control

After nearly 26 hours on the House floor demanding a vote on gun control, Democrats emerged from the Capitol to greet crowds of cheering protesters supporting their cause.

“We will continue to insist, to demand, action,” Rep. John Lewis said. “We’re not giving up, we’re not giving in."

To Many Liberals, This Gun Vote Isn't Worth a Sit-In
Even those who favor gun control think it's a bad hill to die on

Connecticut Rep. Elizabeth Esty addresses protesters early Thursday morning on the East Front of the Capitol who gathered to show solidarity with the House Democrats' sit-in. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

House Democrats rallied attention to efforts to pass gun control legislation after the Orlando shooting by plopping down on the floor of the House chamber Wednesday and staying put. Some remained at the "non-filibuster" all night and into Thursday morning , giving speeches on mass shootings and the need for a vote.  

The Democrats' "No Fly, No Buy" amendment would allow the federal government to block a gun sale if the buyer's name appears on a terrorist watch list.  

Watch Live: Democrats Stage House Floor Sit-In On Gun Vote

(Courtesy Chellie Pingree/Twitter)

House Democrats are staging an ongoing chamber sit-in, calling for further debate and a vote on gun control issues.  

WATCH LIVE The chamber cameras, which are under control of the House leadership, are not showing the sit-in. Those cameras are also what feeds C-SPAN.  

Democrats Stage House Sit-In For Gun Vote

Following the rejection of four gun control amendments in the Senate earlier this week, House Democrats staged a sit-in on the House floor Wednesday.

Leading the charge was Rep. John Lewis, who took to the floor with an impassioned plea for members of Congress to take up legislation to address gun control in the aftermath of the Orlando shooting.