Draft Drug Price Order Focuses on Regulations, Trade
Administration seeks faster drug approvals, promoting drug competition

The Trump administration is readying an executive order on drug regulations. (Scott Olson/Getty Images)


The Trump administration might seek to roll back regulations in pursuit of faster drug approvals, promoting drug competition and new payment models for federal health insurance programs, according to a draft executive order obtained by CQ Roll Call.

Taiwan Officials Eyeing Republican Plan for Tax Code Overhaul
Changes seen as potential investment boon

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., may have an attentive audience among Taiwanese investors when he’s talking about giving the U.S. tax code a makeover. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)


House Speaker Paul D. Ryan reaffirmed Tuesday Congressional Republicans’ intention to give the U.S. tax code a makeover. Among those listening with keen interest to Ryan’s announcement?

Trump Finds Strange Bedfellows on Cuba Policy
US-Cuba analyst: Given executive powers, president needs little Hill buy-in

Tourists walk near a poster of Cuban President Raul Castro and then-President Barack Obama in Havana last year. On Friday, President Donald Trump announced changes to Cuba policies instituted by Obama. (YAMIL LAGE/AFP/Getty Images file photo)

By wading into the always-tricky domestic politics of U.S.-Cuba relations, President Donald Trump finds himself working “hand in glove” with some former foes and new allies.

The businessman turned chief executive promised during the campaign to roll back some of President Barack Obama’s policies aimed at warming relations with America’s Caribbean neighbor. In doing so before his 200th day in office, Trump defied the wishes of some lawmakers and corporate titans.

Trump Announces Cuba Policy Rollback, With Flourish

President Donald Trump speaks about policy changes he is making toward Cuba at the Manuel Artime Theater in the Little Havana neighborhood on June 16, 2017 in Miami. (Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Calling the Obama administration’s Cuba policies “terrible and misguided,” President Donald Trump on Friday announced the overturning of the previous White House’s liberalization of travel and business practices to the island nation in front of a friendly crowd in South Florida.

“We now hold the cards. The previous administration eases of restrictions on travel and trade … only enrich the Cuban regime,” he said in Miami, announcing alterations to the Obama-era policies.

Senators Worry US Standing Abroad Is at Risk
Trump early actions draw resistance from both sides of the aisle

Arizona Sen. John McCain is among the senators concerned about the effect of President Donald Trump’s positions on foreign policy. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Senators on both sides of the aisle are raising alarms about President Donald Trump’s foreign policy and questioning whether the administration’s actions threaten the United States’ position as a global leader.

Trump has rattled the international community and lawmakers say it has left U.S. allies scrambling for certainty from an administration that often sends conflicting messages about its positions on major diplomatic issues.

Freedom Caucus Sets Up Battle With Leadership Over Taxes
Conservatives seek to attach welfare cuts to tax overhaul in exchange for budget deal

The Freedom Caucus, led by Chairman Mark Meadows, outlined Friday its principles for a tax overhaul. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

House Republican leaders are negotiating a tax overhaul with their counterparts in the Senate and the White House, but another group of GOP lawmakers is signaling it too must be included in any deal.

House Freedom Caucus leaders are laying out their ideas for overhauling the tax code that, together with a related proposal for getting a budget deal, is likely to set them up for a fight with GOP leaders and tax writers.

Analysis: Can Corbyn Channel Sanders-Style Socialism Into UK Upset?
Election results could steer Democrats in the U.S. to the left

Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour Party of the U.K., speaks to activists during a rally Wednesday in Glasgow, Scotland, on the final day of campaigning before the election. (Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

Defying all expectations, Jeremy Corbyn has led the Labour Party in the United Kingdom to a stunning turnaround from guaranteed loser to genuine contender in Thursday’s election.

Though still very much the underdog, Corbyn has reinvigorated the party with a surge of youthful, socialist enthusiasm that will look familiar to anyone who followed last year’s Democratic presidential primaries. And that success could provide a guide for Democrats looking to build their party up in the age of Trump.

How Infrastructure Week Became All-Of-The-Above Week
White House doesn't ‘speak with one voice,’ says longtime Trump ally Stone

President Donald Trump delivers a speech Wednesday at a Cincinnati, Ohio, marina during a week that the White House wanted to be all about his infrastructure plan. Trump, however, has not stayed on message. (Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)

“On Monday, the president will launch ‘infrastructure week,’” White House Chief Economic Adviser Gary Cohn declared last Friday. Three days later, however, President Donald Trump began his remarks during a kick-off event in the ornate East Room by talking about military veterans.

The president already was off message. And his veering from his staff’s carefully laid out “infrastructure week” plans would only continue.

He’s Back: Trump Lashes Out at Germany, 'Fake News' Media
President says trade deficit with Berlin 'will change,' but offers no plan

President Donald Trump arrived back this weekend from a nine-day trip overseas and Tuesday morning began tweeting again. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call file photo)

Updated at 10:13 a.m. President Donald Trump on Tuesday blasted Germany for its trade practices and what he views as its shortchanging of other NATO members, further weakening a partnership widely viewed as key to global stability.

The chief executive started his first full work day since returning Saturday night — from his first foreign trip — by firing off tweets that criticized Germany and the “fake news” media over its continuing coverage of a mounting scandal centered on possible ties between Russia and Trump’s presidential campaign and transition team. Later, he again called for Senate GOP leaders to alter the chamber's rules to allow legislation to pass with just 51 votes.

Opinion: Trump — A President Without a True Party on Capitol Hill
Tweets suggest the chief executive is increasingly isolated

President Donald Trump has become increasingly isolated in the White House, with only his Twitter feed for company, Walter Shapiro writes. (Bill Clark/Roll Call File Photo)

Entire journalism school courses can be constructed around the knotty question of how to cover Donald Trump’s tweets.

There is a case that these 140-character eruptions force reporters to chase irrelevancies such as Trump's fact-free claim that he really won the popular vote “if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally.” But you can also argue that anything like Twitter that provides an unfiltered window into the mind of a president deserves to be scrutinized as much as a staff-written speech read off a Teleprompter.