Heard on the Hill

Move, Mitch, get out the way!

The Senate majority leader doesn't have time to be on time

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s ’burbs are creating a roadblock on Capitol Hill. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

Capitol Hill resident Maria Helena Carey was none too pleased Tuesday morning to find (what she believes are) Mitch McConnell’s two black ’Burbs illegally parked on her street AGAIN.

“Every single day these guys. Idling for 15-30 minutes at a time, waiting to pick up Mitch McConnell,” Carey tweeted before 9 a.m.


Carey, a local blogger, told HOH she submitted the parking offense, which occurred on the 300 block of C Street Northeast, to the “How’s My Driving?” app that aggregates “dangerous” driving behavior, including parking violations.

Carey tweeted her submission at the D.C. government for further review. @311DCGov responded to Carey’s tweet, along with some equal-opportunity pollution protesters.

“The exhaust is non-partisan. They idle in front of the homes of @SpeakerPelosi, @MayorBowser and countless other officials, too,” tweeted one user.

“True. Like @MD_Driver_in_DC, Muriel loves her SUV,” posted another user.

The app is currently in beta testing in the District, according to co-founder Mark Sussman, who refers to the concept as “citizen-aided enforcement” that allows users to submit photos of the violations along with license plate information and access past submissions from other users.

Carey, who lives steps from the Capitol, is aware she’s in a hot spot for politicians’ homes-away-from-home, but she is peeved that their vehicles aren’t being cited for violating DC’s “Engine Anti-Idling Law,” which states that “motor vehicles powered by gasoline or diesel are not allowed to idle for more than three minutes while the vehicle is parked, stopped or standing,” albeit with “a few exceptions.”

Although the vehicles are creating temporary roadblocks in her neighborhood, Carey says the drivers are “unfailingly polite.”

McConnell’s office did not immediately respond to HOH’s request for details on the senator’s detail.

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