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Twitter seeks to identify ‘hat’ involved in Elijah Cummings burglary

One sleuth suggests bringing in Chrissy Teigen to crack the case

Rep. Elijah Cummings said he scared a burglar away before he could enter his Baltimore home in July. His wife is trying to crowdsource information to identify a suspect. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

People often say “don’t read the comments,” but in Maya Rockeymoore Cummings’ case, that’s precisely what she wants to do.

The wife of Maryland congressman Elijah Cummings took to Twitter over the weekend in hopes of identifying the man who broke into their West Baltimore home in July.

The chairwoman of the Maryland Democratic Party tweeted out a few images Saturday showing the alleged burglar wearing dark clothing and a black hat with what resembles an upside down red “U” on the front.

“Has anyone in the Twitterverse ever seen the symbol on this hat? It was the only distinguishing feature of the man who recently broke into our home,” reads the tweet. “Please let me know if you’ve seen it (or him) before.”

Twitter, in all its quintessential glory, began looking deep into the matter. Users identified the “U” as appearing to resemble “kissing shrimp” or a “lobster,” according to a follow up tweet from Rockeymoore Cummings Sunday. She googled “shrimp and lobster logos” in an effort to compare the suggestions.

Another user was intrigued by the white car in the background of one of the photos, while a couple others expressed skepticism in what appears to be the reflection of someone in the foreground of another image (likely from taking a photo of a screen). One user speculates the logo on the hat looks like “Bernie hair.”

The Cummings’ home was broken into around 3:40 am on July 27, before Rep. Cummings “scared the intruder away by yelling,” he said in a statement.

Despite the forensic analysis, the burglar remains to be identified.

One commenter suggested bringing Chrissy Teigen into the matter to settle the investigation once and for all.

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