Heard on the Hill

John Yarmuth, from pinup to budget wonk

Kentucky Rep. John Yarmuth inspects a photo of himself as a staffer that was printed in Roll Call in 1971 as an April Fools’ joke. Yarmuth sat down with CQ Roll Call this week for an interview about his time as a staffer. (Thomas McKinless/CQ Roll Call)

Smile, network and don’t be surprised if you end up as a pinup. Rep. John Yarmuth is now the House Budget chairman, but as a young Hill staffer, he was showcased for Roll Call’s unfortunate “Hill Pinup” feature as an April Fools’ joke in 1971. Don’t worry, the feature has long since been discontinued.

Check out the video to see Yarmuth discussing his star turn in the pages of Roll Call almost 50 years later, as well as his advice for young staffers in this week’s Staffer Edition.

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